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Pinx's TVR Chimaera DIY Memoirs

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Where to start !

Taking the new HU57 i’d had cut, i took a pair of Knippex side cutters and generally cut away at the black plastic at the top of the key until the last bits just fell off, leaving me with a T shaped key (see pic 1) I then dismantled the new Flip fob, by slowly pulling it apart (see pic 2) Once i had it in seperate pieces i took the key blade / pivot collar and rested it on a roll of electricians tape, i took a watchmakers precision punch and gently tapped out the roll pin holding the blade in the pivot collar (see pic 4) i could then seperate the blade and pivot collar. Comparing the blade to my HU57 “T key” i could see a fair bit of grinding / filing was going to be needed !

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