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Flip key fob, parts required

I didnt want to butcher my original keys so i went to a locksmiths in Wadebridge (The Shoe Boy) and lucky i did becuase Mr Cornish (real name) was a wealth of information. I had been led to believe by the internet, that the key blade required for a fob was either a HU100 or a HU43, but it is neither of these ! The type of key used on a Vauxhall Cavalier is something like a HU57 and this has never been made as a blade type key. Being the cynical sod that i am, i questioned Mr Cornish’s knowledge, and being the helpful person he is (and possibly to prove a point) he let me take a blank HU100 and a blank HU43 to try in my ignition and he was right neither fitted. Returning cap in hand i asked what could i do and he suggested taking a HU57, trimming off the black plastic top and then grinding / filing the key to resemble a blade. So i had him cut me a new HU57 from my original key and then set about finding a Flip fob i could fit it into. Trawling ebay it became aparrant that there are a plethora of sellers offering all types of Flip fobs, but alot of them are really bad quality, so i did my homework, checked everyones feedback asked questions about dimensions etc.. and setlled on one suitable for Vauxhall Corsa/Astra/Zafira. All i needed then was my spare Cobra alarm fob, which had already lost its rubber keyring attacher, so i wasnt too bothered about gutting it for the build.

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